Fine Tuning $125
Pitch Correction $45
Repairs/Regulation $50/hr
Humidity Control $700-$750
Service Call $50 + $50/hr

For more infomation, see below.

Service Area & Mileage

We happily service pianos all over the greater Edmonton area, including St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove/Stony Plain, and similar locations.

Mileage-Free Zone: All tunings located within Edmonton inside of Anthony Henday Drive (Hwy 216) are not charged mileage.

Mileage Rate: Beginning at the Henday and travelling away from Edmonton, we charge mileage at a rate of $.50 per kilometre round-trip.

This mileage charge is needed in order to offset both the extra vehicle costs as well as the extra time we must devote to your appointment. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Fine Tuning ($125)

We meticulously tune your piano to A440 pitch in equal temperament. Includes a 12-point inspection, tightening of action bolts and pinblock screws, and 5 dollars worth of complimentary repair/regulation work (sticking keys, etc.)

Pitch Correction ($45)

If your piano's pitch has drifted too far flat or sharp we'll have to correct it before proceeding with a fine tuning. If it has been more than a year since your last tuning, or if the piano is stationed near an outside door, window, or heat register, we'll likely need to do this step first.

Repairs & Regulation ($50/hr)

Sticking or slow keys, clicking noises, broken strings – these are some of the issues that come up with pianos as they age and as their components are affected by changes in humidity. We can address these for you!

Humidity Control Systems

We are a certified installer of Dampp-Chaser Humidity Control systems. This system is installed in your piano and creates a micro-climate of perfect humidity for your instrument. The many benefits of these systems include longer-lasting tunings, improved tone, fewer repairs and regulation being needed, and extending your piano's useful life by many years.

Pricing & more info

Service Call ($50 + $50/hr)

We're happy to drop by for non-tuning appointments to do some spot repair and regulation work, or even to fix a few sour notes before tonight's party or house concert! A service call fee of $50 applies plus $50/hr (billed in 1/2 hour intervals).