Hello, my name is Brock Tyler and I own and operate Patience Piano Tuning. I learned the art and science of piano tuning through my studies at the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology and I've been tuning in the Edmonton area since 2011.

I founded Patience Piano Tuning with the aim of providing an affordable and high-quality piano tuning service to artists, institutions, churches, and the casual living room player alike. I chose the word "patience" because that is one of the key requirements for executing a great piano tuning. Piano tuning can be a lengthy and arduous task, but the job cannot be rushed. While efficiency is certainly a priority, I'm committed to tuning your piano correctly – not just quickly.

In addition to piano tuning, I am also a musician and songwriter. My original work has appeared in more than two dozen television shows and a couple of commercials as well. I'm also a husband, father of two, newbie squash player, and third-wave coffee enthusiast/addict.

If you have any questions about your piano, I'd love to hear from you! You can get in touch with the contact info below.